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6 Month Fixed:: 2.79% ⬇︎

1 Year Fixed:: 1.84% ⬆︎

2 Year Fixed:: 1.54% ⬇︎

3 Year Fixed:: 1.54% ⬇︎

3 Year Closed Variable:: 1.45% ⬇︎

4 Year Fixed:: 1.79% ⬆︎

5 Year Fixed:: 1.89% ⬆︎

5 Year Closed Variable:: 1.25% ⬇︎

5 Year Open Variable:: 5.75% ⬆︎

6 Year Fixed:: 2.79% ⬆︎

7 Year Fixed:: 2.44% ⬆︎

10 Year Fixed:: 2.74% ⬇︎

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Mortgage Brokers are your best source of mortgage savings and mortgage advice. Dominion Lending Centres is Canada’s home to the best Licensed Mortgage Brokers available to you for planning your home ownership goals. Need a mortgage advisor? You are in the right place.

Dozens of Canada’s most competitive mortgage banks and lenders provide Dominion Lending Centres’ Mortgage Brokers with their lowest interest rates, most flexible mortgage terms, and fastest approval services.

Our independant, professionally educuated, and licensed Mortgage Brokers help you plan for the future using low cost mortgage financing to buy a home, pay off debts, purchase investment property, and build upon your home ownership and real estate goals.

Applying for a mortgage is quick, and your options will be presented to you clearly. Rest assured our Brokers will maximize your savings and work with you for the long term.

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Adam Coultish | Senior Broker

Adam is an expert mortgage advisor, committed to working with homeowners and creating solutions that make homeownership better. Adam thrives on the strategy behind mortgage planning, and just plain loves talking numbers and securing a great deal.

Adam has lived in Prince Rupert, Kitimat, and now Terrace for over 9 years since 2005. Adam feels that providing solid mortgage options to the Northwest will be extremely beneficial for local homeowners and homebuyers.

Adam has the experience to add to your home ownership confidence. Being a leading Mortgage Broker since 2012, Adam has received numerous national recognitions including Top 35 Under 35 in Canada in 2017. 

Adam is also licensed in Real Estate & Property Management, and is the owner of several real estate brokerages in Northwest BC. Adam also invests in both residential and commercial rental properties in the local area.

Adam also loves tacos. And nachos. 

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