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How Mortgage Brokers Work For You


One of the greatest misunderstandings in the mortgage industry is that a mortgage broker will COST you money. This popular misconception of how mortgage brokers work is not alone, so let’s lay out the facts and then take a look in more detail at how a Mortgage Broker saves you both time AND money!


  • Mortgage Brokers earn a fairly standard referral commission from banks and lenders, they don’t charge you a fee for their services.

  • Brokers aren’t tied to certain lenders like the sales rep in a branch – they have access to dozens and know each of the banks’ mortgage rules and rates.

  • Major banks and mortgage lenders give Mortgage Brokers rock bottom rates upfront, and even promotional rate specials, so Brokers today have access to the very BEST mortgage rates.

  • Mortgage Brokers can customize your mortgage solution because they are up to date on what each bank is offering. It’s a one-stop-shop for answers and savings.

How Does using a mortgage broker work?

Your Mortgage Broker will closely analyze your personal situation, income, and credit. They will then present you with the best possible mortgage solution the market has to offer. Ultimately, you get to have options quickly provided to you at no cost.

what does a mortgage broker need to know?

An expert broker will need to understand your complete financial position. They’ll have lots of questions about your income, assets, and credit, and will need to see supporting documentation which will be passed onto your lender at the appropriate time. 

How will a Mortgage Broker advise you?

Mortgage Brokers aren’t tied to one bank or lender, whereas a mortgage advisor located in your local bank will be loyal to just that bank and cannot recommend any other options in the market.

Mortgage Brokers are untethered and unbiased, independent but licensed in your province. Your Mortgage Broker can advise you on the best option for you based on a broad range of lender offerings. Your Broker will give you qualified, unbiased advice whether you qualify immediately for a mortgage or are planning for one in the future. 

How is a Mortgage Broker paid?


Lenders, or banks, pay Mortgage Brokers a commission when they refer a suitable client who goes on to complete a mortgage with them. So you, the borrower, don’t have to pay a fee or pay out any extra when using a Mortgage Broker like us, Dominion Lending Centres Northwest. In fact, you benefit from our expert and free advice by obtaining more savings and peace of mind!


Will a Mortgage Broker really save me time and money?


Absolutely. Using a Mortgage Broker means you don’t have to spend hours searching for the best mortgage interest rates and working out if you qualify for them, and applying at multiple different banks. Mortgage Brokers know all the lenders they work with well, and understand their terms for qualified borrowers. Not only will a broker match you quickly to the right lender for a fast mortgage approval, they will have also matched the lowest mortgage interest rate for you too!


If you need something a little different for your new mortgage, such as a longer term or a Purchase Plus Renovations option, your Broker will know which lender is right for you, quickly.

Can a Mortgage Broker find me a better interest rate than my local bank?


Yes! Brokers have access to fantastic mortgage interest rates from the major banks, and from major lenders that specialize in just mortgages. ‘Monoline’ lenders focus solely on offering mortgages without having branches all over the country, so they have much lower overhead. This means they can pass on that lower cost to borrowers in the form of great rates and lower early payout penalties when you sell your home.


Mortgage Brokers are often given promotions in the form of amazing mortgage rates for borrowers, simply because of the volume of mortgages they handle. Meaning, Mortgage Brokers have access to the very best interest rates available on the market.


Navigating a purchase or a refinance and choosing a lender can be stressful on your own. A Mortgage Brokerage, just like Dominion Lending Centres Northwest – your local mortgage broker, can take the stress out of the process by giving you free advice and presenting the best mortgage option for you quickly.


Call Adam Coultish, your expert Mortgage Broker, at Dominion Lending Centres Northwest, today at 250-638-3302. Let us show you how Mortgage Brokers work for YOU.

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